Does Basement Waterproofing Increase your Home Value?

Water damage is a major concern to all home owners as well as potential buyers. Unfortunately this is a potential problem that comes with having a basement.Moldy Wood Surrounded by wet earth, basements are susceptible to leakage. From winter’s freezing and thawing, which can affect soil conditions and drainage, to summer’s rainstorms, which can flood lower levels of a structure, the potential for water damage is everywhere. Along with the potential for structural damage, leaky basements can also acquire efflorescence and or mold if left untreated.

This is why it’s so important to address the warning signs of a leaky basement. With all of these opportunities for water to get inside, a leaky basement can be a headache to deal with, and it will lower the value of a home considerably.

Once a basement shows signs of leakage, without corrective measures it will continue to worsen. Along with water damage that enters the home, a breeding ground for mold is another issue in itself. According to real estate sales statistics, water leakage and mold growth can lessen the value of a property up to 25%.

There were many different methods of basement waterproofing available. However, it boils down to two different methods, interior basement waterproofing or exterior waterproofing. We would certainly like the opportunity to tell you a little more about our system. We have a very economical approach that carries an outstanding warranty making it much easier for a homeowner to recoup the cost of a basement waterproofing installation.

Without Basement Waterproofing, what is likely to happen to your home?

Your basement will be susceptible to flooding and seepage, and it can be costly to keep cleaning up the mess without first addressing the source and solving the basement waterproofing problem.

For Sale SignYou may believe that waterproofing your basement is a costly process, but it will pay off during the resale of your home. Houses with finished, waterproofed basements are more likely to sell quickly and for a higher price than those with unfinished basements. A house with a leaking or water-damaged basement can even sit on the market for a much longer time, while buyers look elsewhere for basements whose problems have already been fixed.

Imagine walking into a house as a prospective buyer and seeing water pooling on the floor, or mold growing in the corners where water seepage is prevalent. You’re not likely to be interested in buying a place with such obvious issues, and this will drive down the price. Waterproofing is a great investment not only for improving your home while you live there, but also for when you decide to sell. You will stand a better chance of selling a home that is waterproofed rather than leaking.

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