We understand that having a wet and flooded basement or crawlspace causes a lot of problems and stress. Please be assured you’ve found a basement waterproofing company that can solve your problems quickly, efficiently & economically.

Don't let your basement become wasted space!

Having the piece of mind to know that your basement water leakage is a thing of the past, is exacatly what we have been offering our customers for over 50 years. You can turn your basement into a living area, play room, entertainment area or just dry storage.

Our website gives you the opportunity to learn more about the B-Dry System installation as well as the answers to some of the most asked questions that we field everyday.

Common basement waterproofing issues

  • Water seepage where the floor meets the wall
  • Water leaking through cracks in the floor
  • Fuzzy, white, crystalline deposits on the wall
  • Musty, smelly odors
  • Dampness or wetness on basement wall
  • Basement wall discoloration
  • Pooling or standing water
  • The B-Dry Waterproofing System

    Let B-Dry step in with a complete basement and crawlspace waterproofing solution.

    Folks, we realize there are many “methods” but few of them can be considered “solutions” that are totally effective in every situation.

    The B-Dry® Waterproofing System is a specialized waterproofing system designed to address saturated soil conditions caused by weather. Our waterproofing system can stop the most common ways water enters your basement or crawl space and do it for the life of your home, or your business structure.

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